Tranquil serene setting at Mariposa in Placencia
Your beach is found at Mariposa
Year round classic, comfortable dining atmosphere
Whether you're craving imported or local, Mariposa Restaurant / Bar has it all
Sleep with the sounds of the sea at your doorstep
Get an early start on an amazing day of adventure

Mariposa Restaurant and Beach Suites

If you are a first time visitor to this delightful country on vacation, we promise you this will be one of the best holidays you have ever experienced at our boutique hotel: Mariposa, Belize, Placencia.  Located very close to the Placencia airstrip on a private 2 acer lot with a jungle like setting next door.

Bruce and Sharon own and operate Mariposa.  We are retired Canadians that fell in love with Belize for many reasons.  A country where commercialism has not had a chance to flourish and the raw simple beauty remains in tact in many areas.  There are so many things to do when staying at Mariposa in Placencia, Belize, and so many wonderful and unusal pleasures.  If your mind and body is telling you to disconnect from the pressure and stress of your current lifestyle then come and visit

Mariposa Beach Suites, Placencia, in Belize.

Relax amongst a country blessed by nature.  Jungles, sun-kissed reefs, cayes, sun-based activities, fabulous dawns and sunsets that redefine "romance" or the relaxed comfort that finally allows you to read and appreciate those books that you have accumulated all these years.

We can arrange for organized tours through the jungle, lush rainforest with their waterfalls, rivers and streams, and ungoing flashes of color as the exotic birds streak through the trees overhead.  Visit the Mayan temples and their burial caves as they stand in testimony to a past civilization whose greatness was second to none.

Enjoy the local art and music, the rhythmic beat of many styles that will energise you. It is all this and more and we have not even mentioned food; fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and grains unaltered by big corporation production and chemicals.  Your dining and entertainment in Belize will bring a fusion of fascinating multiculturalism with many different ethnic communities bringing their treasures and traditions to the table.

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